The best meat dishes in downtown, Budapest, at the Liszt Ferenc square.

Nothing is as easy as answering the question “what makes Meat on Fire special”.

We don’t need any clichés, like “we are passionate about our food” or “our service is outstanding”, or “the exquisite interiors”. We’re way beyond that…

So what makes us stand out then?

That we really know the meat we serve.

The we pay attention even to the slightest details: all of are dishes are made using premium wood-charcoal, and we know how to bring our meals alive by choosing the best smoke flavours.

We always watch passionately how the flame kisses our rib eyes to create the perfect medium-rare steaks.

That the best bits are aged in our own dry aging cabinet.

That we’re constantly innovating, our evolving recipes are the guarantee that you’ll always get the best experience.

That we know if you try out our ribs; you’ll never want to eat anywhere else.



BBQ Caesar Chicken

Chicken leg filet, smoked for 2,5 hours.

Meat on Fire Sandwich

American break, pork chuck, cheddar sauce, bacon, fried eggs, french fries

Pulled Pork Sandwich

American bread, pork shoulder baked for 8 hours, BBQ sauce, coleslaw salad

Spare Ribs

Served with pickles.

Grill Chicken Baked on Charcoal

Baked on smoker for 2,5 hours, BBQ coating

Rib Eye Steak

Aged beef.

Charolis Tomahawk

From dry aged beef.

BBQ Knuckle

Baked for 5 hours, 450g

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday11:30 -24:00

Lunch Menu

Monday - Friday12:00 - 15:00

1061 Budapest, Liszt Ferenc tér 10.  |  +36 70 908 8095